About Us


MYPPM was established when Kim & her husband Ron decided that there was a need for dedicated personal service in the industry.  They did not make the decision lightly.

Kim first worked in the Real Estate Industry in Brisbane in 1988 & Ron started his Real Estate Career 1984.  From that time on they owned and leased residential investment properties from Brisbane to Bribie Island.   At times, they employed different real estate agents to manage some of their rental properties.  At the end of each tenancy, they became quite disappointed and totally disillusioned with the presentation of the properties.

In 2008 Kim felt she had no alternative but to pursue her fulltime career in property management at Bribie Island, she had a passion to care for the rental properties and their owners who were suffering similar frustrations as she had experienced.  After another 4 years, she began to again feel restricted in her quest while working at a large real estate agency on the Island.

In 2012 history shows there was a definite undertow of frustrated investment property owners, disillusioned with the poor standard of property management locally.  With their decades of experience people saw the success Kim & Ron were having with their own properties.  Investment property owners they spoke to encouraged them to share their skills, it was then My Personal Property Manager and the concept of specialised personal service @ Sandstone Point, Bribie Island & Surrounds was born.

Kim & Ron did not buy a rent roll, unlike the majority of real estate agencies.   MYPPM has grown through personal references and reputation.

Now into their 9th year, their passion continues and is contagious.  The outstanding success of MYPPM and the results we continue to achieve year after year is reflected by the consistent number of owner/investors joining us to enjoy our specialised personal service.

To quote a long-term property manager from Redcliffe “you guys are the most passionate PM’s I have ever met in the industry”.

During the first 6 months of 2017, they had to make a decision to ensure they continue the high standard of service, it was time to employ a Permanent Senior Property Manager to work directly beside Kim and join the team.

Jodie Brunt joined the team at MYPPM in June that year.  For the majority of locals Jodie does not need any introduction.  She has lived locally for 29 years and started her Real Estate Career in Property Management on Bribie Island in 2004, Kim and Jodie worked together for 2 years a decade ago.

Jodie joined MYPPM with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the real estate industry, she has extremely high standards and an impeccable reputation as a senior property manager with investment property owners and tenants alike.  She shares the MYPPM Passion!