Personal Rental Property Management

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“My Personal Property Manager” The only local Real Estate Agency Exclusively Specialising in Residential Property Management in the Moreton Bay Region, North of Brisbane at Bribie Island, Sandstone Point and surrounds.

We provide a high personal standard of service to both owners and tenants.   Our vision is not clouded by the hype, disruption, inconsistencies & chain of command that can plague Real Estate Offices having a Rental Department on the side.  

The most common questions asked of a Property Manager by prospective owners are:

What are your Fees?   What services do you provide?

Both questions become irrelevant if your property manager is doing their job correctly.  The tasks of Property Management are extensive and are listed in detail on our owners tab site.  This list is actually what you pay your property manager to do & you should expect no less.

MYPPM’s secret of success is we add our systems of experience.

Our investors tell us at MYPPM our fees are fair & fade into insignificance as they personally witness the monetary gains & standard of their investment improve, once under our banner.  Thus our owners are not interested in the reject dollar discount agents, the percentage drop of a couple of dollars a week is not worth the percentage drop in service standards.

We are passionate about the correct management of Residential Property, we want to share with those who want to listen, what we have learnt from decades of investing and Managing Residential Property.

We focus on everyone of our managements individually, our aim is to create for our owners the ultimate investment, Long Term Consistency of Rental Income and attention to Maintenance to keep costs down, therefore creating maximum possible assurity of long term value increase of each investment property. (Click on Owners tab for examples from MYPPM Diaries).


  • Long Term Investors – Does your agent tell you stories?  How is your equity going?  How long since you have been through your rental property?
  • First time investors starting out – please don’t be fooled by the reject dollar discount.  Investing in property is long term – make it for life, time is money so don’t waste a minute – get off to the best start with MYPPM.
  • Off Round Australia – you want a home to come back to, not a poorly managed renter.  Do you know who holds the keys?

Clever investors build equity and collect property.  The secret is having Your Own Personal Investor with 29 years experience as your Property Manager.


Kim Gill

Call the Principal
“My Personal Property Manager”
Kim Maree Gill

To Quote our Successful Investors:

“A VOID HAS BEEN FILLED”  Let them tell you Why

read on…

“We highly commend you for your excellent professional property management, organisation and communication skills” – Jane & Brendan – Perth

“I have found Kim to be an exceptional property manager who is thorough in her inspections and reporting & has always kept us aware of any issues or work that needs to be completed, along with any tenant issues.” – Donna & Michael -Japan

Good property managers are very few & far between & Kim is the BEST! Kim also commands a high standard from her owners as well as her tenants. – Robyn & Cedric – New Zealand

Kim has exceeded our expectations, from securing excellent tenants, to organising & providing trustworthy & tradies when required, while at all times providing exceptional & important feedback.” Janice & Ray – Bellbowrie QLD

“We are more than happy with the service Kim has provided us.  It is a big relief not having to worry about anything, knowing that everything is taken care of from Kim’s professional ethics & attention to detail”.  Vicki & Rob – Off Around Australia

“We are so glad we chose you to manage our property, so reassuring that with your experience, maturity & forward planning ideas that our investment property is in great hands”.  Bev & Des – Bribie Island QLD

We are amazed at the difference & to anyone who thinks things could be better for their investment property management, we say don’t keep putting it off, hoping for improvement – MAKE THE CHANGE“.  Terri & Phil – Bribie Island QLD

For more details click onto Testimonial Tab


Join my quest to make a difference by helping you – Changing agents is as simple as a phone call, I will look after you and your investment rental property from there……

Contact Kim today on (07) 5429 5425


Every property is as unique as its owner and a chain of command managing your Investment CAN only be as good as its weakest link!

“We have met a diverse range of people over the years, investment property owners, other property rental managers, rental management contractors and tenants, we have had some very interesting conversations.

We believe this facet of our work is just another reason why we are so passionate about real estate and especially rental and property management, investment property owners change their rental managements to “My Personal Property Manager” for all their own unique and sometimes personal reasons.

As the number of properties we have been asked to manage have multiplied, we have been building a rental property database and collating relevant facts to attempt to ascertain the status of each individual rental property, all real estate rental administrative issues, property maintenance and upkeep, plus property owner and tenant feedback.

As you can read (click on about us) Kim started “My Personal Property Manager” because of her 25 years experience managing rental property and her 35 years experience in administration, she felt there was a need for a personal touch in real estate property management, also because of the intricacies in the job description of a rental property manager a definite need to specialize in property management alone, not just an offshoot rental department of a real estate sales office being handled by the administration staff.

With respect to my peers in the real estate industry ranging from the rental department administration assistant all the way up the chain of command to the principal of the real estate agency.   We all know that rental property management can be a very demanding occupation, we cover all facets from legal documentation in residential leases, handling of tenants and rental owner dispute resolution court cases etc. to being co-ordinator, a negotiator and actually dealing directly with tenants homes and lives & at all times being responsible for the rental property owners long term rental investment portfolio.

Using our experience and the tools available to us today, via the Internet, we have investigated exactly what is expected and detailed as the job description of a real estate rental property manager in Queensland and Australia.  We believe if real estate agents are to take notice and learn by their mistakes they must realize that different facets of the rental property managers job description are affected on a regular basis, this makes the real estate rental property manager more of a specialist by the day and if everyone is taking notice and want things to progress positively in the real estate industry attention should be taken.

A typical large real estate office can have a rental department with 200 – 500 plus properties, sometimes thousands.   When mistakes or issues become evident within the structure of the rental management department, it is usually, and I believe, correctly decided by the senior rental property manager and the principal of the real estate office to implement change of some kind and introduce new rules to address this issue or problem.  This is where we believe the real problem begins. Even though these new implementations become quite numerous over time they are treated only as small resolves and are simply dispersed amongst the already overloaded links in the chain of staff then shortcuts are made.  Therefore it is no surprise that real estate property managers, rental assistants and junior administration staff have such a high burn out rate in the real estate industry, so either no one can see this or simply will not acknowledge the obvious, (the elephant in the room).

The chain of command factor is a full standout and we must never forget that the chain of command managing your long term investment CAN only be as good as its weakest link.

The job description of real estate rental property manager is where our commitment starts, and then we add our plan.  Our aim is to keep our portfolio of properties at a boutique level and because this industry is our passion, our hours are totally flexible.

Lets get the job done correctly